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Environmental Activities


Environmental protection became one of our priorities. Near the village of Raduň, we take care of a unique wetland habitat for amphibians where annually, on Earth Day, we organize guided tours; near the village of Krčmaň, we care for an abandoned limestone quarry which we maintain in a condition to be the most beneficial to butterflies and plants; and our latest project is the restoration of pools and revitalization of the wetland of Kozmické louky (Kozmice Meadows) in the area of Opavian Silesia.

Quarry in Krčmaň
Since 2008 we are taking care of the abandoned limestone quarry, amazing natural landmark near the village Krčmaň. The landscape character matches to the steppe. In this area are preserved remains of heat- and xerophytic vegetation and limestone rock communities with the occurrence of rare flora and remarkable fauna. Demanding insect species that are disappering from the cultural landscape like Skippeer, burnet moths, Large blues had found here a sanctuary. Even rare smooth snake loves to bask on sunny rock-garden. In the past this landscape was mainly threatened by direct industrial and agricultural use, flushing of fertilizers and pesticides imissions from the surrounding fields.
Thanks to creation of protection zone, regular grass cutting and trees removal, we have managed to reduce these adverse effects. It has to be kept the way it is for the next generations to enjoy. 

Raduň frogs
In 2005 we had an opportunity to buy and restore natural area in our company´s neighbourhood. Our aim was to create such natural processes that occur in the wild nature. Nowadays, in previously extensively used area of 1,4 hectares, a complex of ponds and wetlands can be seen, allowing the local amphibians and aquatic vegetation to achieve ecological stability that is necessary for their life. Many frogs, grass snakes, birds and butterflies had
found here a place for living.

Kozmice storks and herons
Our latest project is located near the village Kozmice in Opava region. We are finalizing the creation of a large wetland habitat for amphibians, where will be permanently flooded lakes in the area of 12 hectares in combination with periodically flooded surfaces.
Moreover, there will be observation and wintering site for amphibians. We want to provide sanctuary for animals which, due to agricultural use of landscape and its devastation, cannot find a peaceful place for living in the wild nature. We would be glad if our grandchildren will have a chance to see a stork, a heron or a dragonfly in the wild nature.


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