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Mixes for Bakeries

Since   1995,   when SEMIX   was   established,   has   our  entrepreneurship   been   the   synonym   for   the   Czech quality.  We   belong   among   the   largest   processors of poppy in  the  czech  Republic,  we  offer  a  wide  range  of  bakery  mixes,  various  types  of fillings,  agents  and  toppings.  We  pay  attention  to  the new trends in the bakery and food sector and based on the  new  findings,  we  continually  develop  new  recipes and  innovate  the  old  ones.  Quality  customer  service  is a given for us.  We pay close attention to the ingredients‘ quality as well as their origin. We are fully aware of the fact that quality ingredients  are  one  of  the  key  factors  influencing  the taste  and  sensory  characteristics  of  finished  products. cereals,  which  form  a  part  of  our  mixes,  are  processed very  carefully,  paying  close  attention  to  retaining  all valuable substances found in the given cereals. the IFS certificate  we  own  guarantees  the  highest  standard, quality  and  hygiene  to  our  customers.



  SEMIX PLUSO, spol. s r.o.

Rybníčky 338, 747 81 Otice

Česká republika


  FAX: +420 553 759 982