We are food producers and nature lovers

We are active in the bakery and dairy industry; we produce cereals and process poppy seeds. We own a unique technology to produce a range of products from sprouted legumes, cereals, and pseudocereals. Every day, our in-house laboratory develops innovative products that correspond to global trends. We actively protect nature. We believe in ORGANIC. We are Semix Pluso.


Our mission is to produce foods with high health benefits for the human body, eliminating the use of added substances.



    We strive to be an innovative Czech company that invents, produces, and sells quality products all over the world, and is a leader in organic food production on the Czech market.


    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Social responsibility and an inherent relationship with nature led the company's owners to support and promote the topic of sustainability. We keep nature on our mind on a global scale, we are a general partner of the Palm Oil Watch International, limit the use of animal protein in our products, and support organic food processing. We are also taking tangible steps to protect the landscape around us. Semix has been taking care of six sites in Moravia on a long-term basis. The company takes care of amphibians, insects, and birds, and supports species diversity and the growth of herbs. Significant effort is put into ingeniously retaining water in the landscape. Starting with smaller projects (the Raduň Wetland, Kobeřice Butterfly Slopes, etc.), SEMIX has also embarked on a project of both national and Europe-wide importance – the Kozmice Bird Meadows. The Kozmice Meadows now span an impressive 64-hectare area. 25 wild Exmoor horses have found their home here and Highland cattle have been introduced here to maintain the biodiversity of the site. Read more at



    SEMIX PLUSO was founded in 1995. We entered the market as a manufacturer of mixes, fillings, and preparations for bakers and confectioners. Our product range has gradually been expanding according to customer needs and since 2004, in addition to bakery and confectionery production, it has also focused on whole grain cereal products for the end customer.

    The foundations of the company were established in the early 1990s. The issues that the baking and confectionery production represented at that time gave the three forty-somethings the idea of starting a company focused on the production of baking and confectionery mixes, fillings, and preparations to improve the quality of bread and pastries to a level then unknown to the Czech customer. The products soon proved their worth in the artisanal Sezam Bakery in Opava. Daily queues formed outside the bakery and among the newly-emerging bakeries, the mixes that Sezam used to bake were in high demand. The tons of mixtures that were prepared in Semix became tens, hundreds, even thousands of tons. The success of our sales to wholesale customers motivated us to create products focused on the end consumer. Since 1997 we have been distributing our mixes to retail chains. We started with yeast dough products, and then added puddings, instant dumplings, potato gnocchi, and other products to our portfolio.

    We currently have approximately 230 employees and will finish the construction of our third production hall in the summer. Our branches are located in Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia and export our products to 35 countries worldwide. In 2016, we exceeded the half a billion CZK turnover mark for the first time, making us one of the region's major employers.



    We are a traditional manufacturer of bakery, confectionery, and dairy mixes. Many consumers may not even be aware of the fact that they eat pastries with our cottage cheese, nut, or poppy seed filling, or the fact that the dairy products they buy for their children are made from our pre-mixes. Our portfolio includes roughly a hundred of our own original in-house recipes for dairy production plants. One of our most successful products is Tvarogen®, which we have been manufacturing for 20 years.

    In 2004 we started the production of breakfast cereals – flakes, muesli, and porridge. In 2012, we launched Muesli Hearts, our most famous product. The product portfolio gained even more variety with the addition of our Muesli bars and a wide range of protein products – cocktails, soups and porridges.

    In 2019, we built a new production hall for cereal germination. Using special technology and our own research, we germinate and then dry cereals, pseudocereals, and legumes, which we sell either as stand-alone products or incorporated into other products. Plant protein-based products represent yet another separate product line. The use of sprouted legumes is also essential for these. Thanks to the processes that take place during germination, the nutritional parameters of the grains are improved, improving their digestibility.

    SEMIX PLUSO is also a major poppy seed processor in the Czech Republic. Our unique know-how of poppy seed thermo-stabilisation processing allows us to heat-treat up to 1600 tons of poppy seed per year, which we then supply in the form of mixes or plain poppy seed to stores and customers throughout Europe. This volume of poppy seed processing places us among the leading major poppy seed processors in the Czech Republic. We mainly buy and heat-treat blue poppies of Czech origin with a low cadmium content, thus supporting local farmers and important growers across Moravia and the Czech Republic. Quality, healthy food is not just a cliché for us. For these reasons, we place great emphasis on the selection of suppliers of raw ingredients, their supervision, and the quality of processing. The employees of our laboratory have been involved in the quality assessment system for raw ingredients for many years. We have received several certificates, such as BRC and HACCP. We have also received many awards in both national and international competitions for our innovative food products, and we are certified to use the KLASA national quality label for some of our products.

    Our enthusiasm and our desire for quality and healthy food constantly inspire us to come up with new ideas to expand our range. As a long-established producer of whole grain cereals, bakery mixes to produce premium baked goods from barley, and a wide range of healthy products, we place the emphasis on processing grains in such a way that all the nutrients and minerals are preserved to the maximum extent. We have received several awards for our philosophy and activities. For example, we have become the Innovation Company of the Moravian-Silesian Region, and our products have won awards at food competitions such as the Golden Salima or the Consumers' Choice. Our products receive awards every year in the competitions held by the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic for the best innovative food product in the "Innovation" category or the "Reformulation of the Year" category.


    We acquired the BIO (ORGANIC) certification in 2004 and have managed to qualify for it ever since, and the IFS (International Food Standard) certification in September 2012.

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