Social responsibility and an inherent relationship with nature led the company's owners to support and promote the topic of sustainability. We keep nature on our mind on a global scale, we are a general partner of the Palm Oil Watch International, limit the use of animal protein in our products, and support organic food processing. We are also taking tangible steps to protect the landscape around us. Semix has been taking care of six sites in Moravia on a long-term basis. The company takes care of amphibians, insects, and birds, and supports species diversity and the growth of herbs. Significant effort is put into ingeniously retaining water in the landscape. Starting with smaller projects (the Raduň Wetland, Kobeřice Butterfly Slopes, etc.), SEMIX has also embarked on a project of both national and Europe-wide importance – the Kozmice Bird Meadows. The Kozmice Meadows now span an impressive 64-hectare area. 25 wild Exmoor horses have found their home here and Highland cattle have been introduced here to maintain the biodiversity of the site.

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    We do not use palm oil

    In the spring of 2016, we stopped using palm oil in our cereal products because we are not only a caring customer but also an enviromentally responsible company. We were the first Czech food producer to become a member ant then the general partner of the Coalition against Palm Oil. We adopted a serious approach to the consequences of setting up new palm plantations at the expense of rain forests. Although we were taking palm oil from the original plantations under the RSPO programme, we decided to replace it with coconut and olive oil an, eventually, sunflower oil. The sunflower is in European crop that is grown in our country, so it is a more natural alternative and one that is commonly used in the food industry. However, if the customer requiers the use of palm oil because of the requirements of the productś properties, we select palm oil from plantations were we know that they grow and obtain it in a considerate way.


    Building habitats and restoring natural landscapes

     In recent years, the Czech landscape has been subject to a negative trend in which sites that are highly valuable in terms of nature are being destroyed. Not only individual animals and plants, but also entire species across the entire animal and plant kingdom are in decline. Species richness and diversity are declining. We at Semix Pluso are not indifferent to this situation. We decided to help protect the Czech natural environment and locate sites that can be restored to their original condition. Our long-term ambition is to create natural habitats for the fauna and flora of the selected biotopes and to preserve them for the future and for our children.

    We own 82 hectares of land in the land registry areas of Dolní Benešov, Kozmice, Kobeřice, Raduň, Krčmaň u Olomouce, Valašská Bystřice, and Opava. In the biotopes, we restore the basic functions of the landscape, support endangered and protected species of organisms, and strive to preserve and promote biodiversity. We want to preserve the natural environment for both present and future generations of people who enjoy it to relax and to find solace in.

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