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    The Story of Semix

    27 years on the market

    We are food producers and nature lovers

    We are active in the bakery and dairy industry; we produce cereals and process poppy seeds. We own a unique technology to produce a range of products from sprouted legumes, cereals, and pseudocereals. Every day, our in-house laboratory develops innovative products that correspond to global trends. We actively protect nature. We believe in ORGANIC. We are Semix Pluso.


    Our mission is to produce foods with high health benefits for the human body, eliminating the use of added substances.



    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Social responsibility and a natural relationship with nature have led the company's owners to support and promote the topic of its sustainability. We think of nature on a global scale, we are the general partner of the Coalition Against Palm Oil, we limit the use of animal proteins in our products or we support BIO food processing. Through concrete steps, we also protect the landscape in our vicinity. Semix has long cared for 6 localities in Moravia, where it takes care of amphibians, insects, birds, supports species diversity and herb growth. A great effort is to cleverly retain water in the landscape. From smaller projects (Raduňský wetland, Kobeřické motýlí stráně, etc.), SEMIX has also embarked on a nationally and Europeanly important project - Cosmic Bird Bows. Today, the cosmic meadows have an area of ​​a respectable 64 hectares, 25 Exmoor wild horses have found their home here, and Highlander cows have been added to preserve the biodiversity of the locality. You can read more on the website

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