During germination, biochemical processes significantly change the nutritional value of the seeds.
We rinse the seeds clean, then we soak them and start the germination process, this is stopped at the optimal time and the seeds are dried by heat treatment . The dry sprouted seeds last for up to 12 months.


  • HIGHER CONCENTRATION OF VALUABLE NUTRIENTS – Including important substances – protein (lentils, beans), fibre (beans, buckwheat), antioxidants (oat).
  • EASIER TO DIGEST – The activity of enzymes helps to change starch into smaller and simpler substances which are easier to digest.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE – our products are light, the grains are crispy and easy to bite. The products get a slightly malty taste without bitter tones and flavours that are typical in raw grain.
  • READY TO EAT – no further heat treatment is necessary, as our technological treatment allows the product to be consumed immediately.


  • SEED SELECTION – We start monitoring the quality in the field. The whole process starts by choosing high quality seeds with high germination levels. All our suppliers have to meet our quality standards which means that the grain has to be of a single variety, balanced size and high germination.
  • CLEANING – Multi-stage rinsing is the first prerequisite for the subsequent quality of the final product.
  • SOAKING – We soak quality seeds in drinkable water. This initiates the germination process.
  • GERMINATION – The seeds begin to come alive and a series of biochemical reactions necessary for germination is initiated. This phase lasts 24 – 48 hours and the seeds partially change their nutritional profile. We continually monitor the optimal temperature and humidity during the germination process.
  • HEAT TREATMENT – DRYING – The germination process must be stopped at the optimum stage by heat treatment and drying.
  • PACKAGING – We pack the products into doypacks for retailers and paper bags with PE liner or big bags for export.



We make products suitable for coeliacs and everyone who doesn't consume gluten.


Omega 3

We have products with Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for your brain, heart and whole cardiovascular system.


Palm oil free

Since 2016 we do not use any palm oil in our cereal products.



We acquired BIO (organic) certification in 2004 and have managed to qualify for it ever since.


Suitable for vegans

We make products with no constituents of animal origin.

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