Mini Muesli Sticks with nuts, raisins and dates 70 g


These fruity muesli sticks have no added sugar (contain only naturally occuring sugars), they are palm oil free, high in fiber, made from sprouted oats and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Ingredients: Sprouted oat* gluten-free flakes 29 %, date paste 29 %, ground raisins 15 % (raisins 99,5 %, sunflower oil), water, hazelnuts 7%, sunflower oil, sea salt, natural flavor. Product contains nuts (hazenuts). Product may contain traces of peanuts, milk and other nuts. * Content of gluten <20 mg/kg

MOQ: 1,5 tons
Weight: 70 g
Carton: 18 ks

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    Obchodní zástupce ČR

    Obchodní zástupce ČR