66% of the Planet Ally meatball mix is made from peas and sprouted mung beans. Our Vegan Meatball dry mix is naturally gluten free. Vegan meatballs are ideal for eating with salads, mashed potatoes, or a homemade pasta sauce. When compared with a classic pork meatball, ours is much healthier.

Just one Planet ALLY Vegan Meatball gives you more protein and less fat than a pork alternative. By eating our plant-based meatballs you are helping your health, and the environment.

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Ingredients: Pea protein 66%, dried sprouted mung bean flakes, thickener (E461), aroma, sprouted mung bean flour, roaste onions (90% onions, sunflower oil), olive oil, sea salt, dried garlic, psyllium, beetroot concentrate, caramelized sugar. May contain traces of gluten, eggs, milk, soy, nuts and sesame.

MOQ: 700 kg
Packing according to customer's requirements.

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