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SEMIX PLUSO, spol. s r.o. is a Czech owned company that was established in 1995 to facilitate the work of local bakers and confectioners. For the last 20 years we have developed a large range of premixes, improvers and fillings that help our customers to save money, time and diversify their assortment. Nowadays alongside with products for bakeries, confectioneries and dairies we produce müsli, snacks, porridges, mixes for catering; process grain, poppy seeds and flax seeds.
We have an experienced team of technologists and engineers who are always ready and willing to provide the clients with assistance and adjust the recipes to the conditions of certain bakeries and confectioneries.
Our company is well known for a number of its products including poppy seed fillings (natural taste and flavour, high bake stability, long shelf-life ), milled poppy seed ( is processed on our new link with 3000 t capacity per year), Tvarogen ( cream cheese mix that makes cream cheese fillings moist, juicy, soft and bake stable), bake stable sweet fillings, bake stable savoury fillings, bread mixes, bread improvers, cake mixes, pastry mixes, doughnut mixes, bread sprinkles,  wholegrain cereal flakes and müsli snack little hearts. 
Semix Pluso always takes care about quality standards:
The company is a holder of IFS certificate of higher level and certificate for the Bio-quality production.

Semix Pluso exports to 32 countries, including Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Vietnam, China, Greece.

Our branches are situated in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.





                      •  Individual approach to each client
                      •  Innovation and product development in our own laboratory
                      •  Private label production
                      •  Unique recipe for VIP clients
                      •  Technological help and professional consultation
                      •  Exclusivity for representation in new countries