Our awards

Salty muesli sticks

received three major awards in 2020, which we value very much.

Consumer Choice 2020

This competition has been monitoring, awarding and supporting new and innovated products or product lines launched on the Czech market for twenty years already.

New products are evaluated by 4,000 consumers who choose the best one. In 2020, we succeeded with our product SALTY MUESLI STICKS with TOMATO AND BASIL flavour. The consumers liked it the most. These muesli sticks have been included in the Muesli and Cereals category and we are pleased that, as a domestic producer, we have dazzled consumers who have preferred Semix to large foreign cereal producers.


Award of the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic – Innovation 2020

The aim of this competition is to support Czech food producers and, above all, to appraise Czech innovative food products.

Semix has won the Award of the Food Chamber of the Czech republic for the best innovative food product several times, and in 2020 both flavors of salty muesli sticks were awarded.


Obě příchutě MÜSLI NASLANO SÝROVÉ a RAJČE A BAZALKA získaly v roce 2020 značku KLASA, která je prestižním oceněním a zaslouží si ji ty nejpoctivější a nejkvalitnější výrobky.

Both flavours of our salty muesli sticks got the KLASA award in 2020, which is a prestigious award given only to the highest quality products.

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